5 Types of Depression – Shen Acupuncture – New course!

New course on TCM Academy of Integrative Medicine! Dr. Yair Maimon PhD OMD teaches Shen Acupuncture – 5 Types of Depression.

Understanding and learning how to aid in the healing of depression from the unique Chinese medical perspective of the Shen and its relationship to five types of depression.Utilize acupuncture more effectively for emotional disorders.

Transform suffering into growth utilizing the 5 element model.
Diagnose accurately the 5 types of depression.
Connect and relate western diagnosis of depression with the Shen and emotions in Chinese medicine.
Develop a deeper knowledge in their usage of acupuncture points.

Course open for enrollment on TCM.AC – Learn more

Each one of our courses includes extra activities and quizzes for you to evaluate your progress and integration of knowledge.

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The TCM Academy team

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