008 Complete Paediatrics Acupuncture for Students 2024

Complete Paediatric Acupuncture

Your Program Page for the Winter-Spring 2024 Program

Welcome to the Complete Paediatric Acupuncture Student Page. This is your program homepage; from here, you can access live-streamed lecture recordings and complete your program participation. You will also find the curriculum with the planned dates and handouts.



Recordings will be added to this page shortly after each live-streamed session. You can access the content for at least two years and have to complete the Program by the end of the calendar year. 

Your Curriculum

This program is built from eLearning courses, live streaming and homework. It is aimed at supporting learning through the introduction of a variety of learning methods.

Dates & Times

February 24th – Housekeeping – 30 minutes.
March 9th+10th (3 Hrs +1.5 Hrs)
April 20th+21st (1.5 Hrs + 3 Hrs)
May 18th+19th (1.5 Hrs + 3 Hrs)
June 15th+16th (3 Hrs + 4 Hrs)
June 29th+30th (1.5 Hrs + 3 Hrs)


Paris/CET: 17:00 | Pacific Time: 08:00 AM | Eastern Time: 11:00 AM | London: 16:00 | Brisbane: 01:00 AM (! Classes start the day after) | Mumbai: 20:30 | Cape Town: 17:00


Please note: That is an international program. The times indicated might change during the program. To ensure the right timing, please compare to Paris/CET: 5:00 PM.


Live meetings length varies; please ensure to mark them correctly in your calendars, or join our Google calendar here. They will be recorded and available for review for at least one year after the completion of the program.

House Keeping: Before We Start24th February 2023

A live meeting with the program coordinator to review practicalities and requirements and clarify everything to do with CEUs & the website.

Pre-Taped, Module 1, Chinese Medicine Paediatric Essentials (6.5 Hours)

Introduction to the Treatment of Children
Basic Paediatric Syndromes
The nature of children, according to CM

Live Day 1: March 9th (3 Hours)

Time for Questions & Answers of Module 1
Diagnosing Babies/Toddlers

Live Day 2: March 10th (1.5 Hours)

Needling a Child

Pre-Taped, Module 2, Promoting Sleep and Regulating Digestion in Children (8 Hours)

Treatment of sleep issues
Digestive issues (diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting, stomach ache)
Food allergies

Live Day 3, April 20th (1.5 Hours)

Q&A, your cases

Live Day 4, April 21st (3 Hours)

Non-needle Protocols

Pre-Taped, Module 3, Treating the Skin, the Ears and the Bladder (5.5 Hours)

Ear problems

Live Day 5, May 18th (1.5 Hours)

Q&A, Your Cases

Live Day 6, May 19th (3 Hours)

Cough & Asthma

Pre-Taped, Pre & Post Vaccination Tx (20 Min)

Live Day 7, June 15th (3 Hours)

Talking to kids;

Managing the Family in the Treatment Room

Live Day 8, June 16th (4 Hours)

Child & Adolescent Mental Health

Pre-Taped, Module 4, Acute, ADHD (6.5 Hours)

Acute, ADHD

Live Day 9, June 29th (1.5 Hours)

Questions & Case Histories

Live Day 10, June 30th – Closing Ceremony

Q&A, Your cases
Using Laser
Starting up a paediatric clinic
Closing Ceremony/ Extracurricular

Spring into Balance: A 30-Day Wood Element Exploration

Daily Insights into the Energetics of Spring – Transform Your Practice with the Wisdom of Wood