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Coming Soon: TCM Oncology Insights

This book represents the culmination of decades of collective expertise in Chinese medicine and cancer care from two leading authorities in the field. Giovanni Maciocia’s pioneering work and vast knowledge in the field of Chinese medicine, combined with Yair Maimon's extensive teaching, clinical experience, and research, of Chinese herbal medicine, has resulted in a comprehensive guide for healthcare professionals and patients alike. 

There is an ever increasing demand for knowledge and research in the field of applying Chinese medicine in cancer care.

This informative book, provides valuable insights into the use of Chinese herbal medicine in cancer care. It offers practical guidance on cancer treatment, including unique approaches to diagnosis and treatment, the use of herbs with anti-cancer activity, and the management of

side effects of conventional treatments. Nutritional guidance and recipes, as well as modern herbal formulas for cancer care, are also included, making this book a valuable resource for practitioners and patients alike.

Overall, readers can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the integration of Chinese medicine with Western medicine, leading to improved patient outcomes and a more holistic approach to cancer care.

About The Authors

Giovanni Maciocia CAc

Giovanni Maciocia (1945 – 2018) was a highly respected authority in Chinese medicine, renowned for his meticulous style, innovative ideas and deep understanding of Chinese Medicine. He received his training in acupuncture at the International College of Oriental Medicine in England and later earned a diploma in Western herbalism from the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. He continued his studies in acupuncture at Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China, where he was appointed Visiting Professor in 1996. With his ability to read Chinese, he gained access to Chinese medicine textbooks, old and modern, and developed a thorough understanding of Chinese medicine combined with his 39 years of clinical experience.

Maciocia’s contributions to the field of Chinese medicine include several seminal textbooks, such as The Foundations of Chinese Medicine, Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, and Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Chinese Medicine, which are widely used as reference texts by practitioners all over the world. In 1994, he founded Su Wen Herbs, which produces his line of herbal formulas based on classical Chinese formulae, adapted to address patterns more commonly seen in clinical practice in the West.

Maciocia authored countless articles published in professional journals, formulating innovative and original theories on asthma and allergic rhinitis, as well as M.E. (Post-Viral Fatigue Syndrome), which did not exist in the Chinese literature. His insights into the treatment of cancer and usage of herbal medicine are shared in this book.

He was an honorary professor at Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, where his expertise and contributions were acknowledged in the birthplace of his craft, and he was described as the “Father of Chinese Medicine in Europe.”

Dr. Yair Maimon OMD PhD Ac

Dr. Yair Maimon is an internationally renowned figure in the field of Integrative and Chinese Medicine, with over 30 years of clinical, academic, and research experience in the United States, Europe, and Israel. He is the President of the European TCM Association and Vice President of WAFS. Additionally, he is the founder and Dean of the TCM Academy of Integrative Medicine, where he leads the most comprehensive Oncology Acupuncture Online Program.

Dr. Maimon founded and was the head of research at Tal Center of Integrative Oncology, the Oncology department, Sheba Medical Center in Israel. He is also the founder and director of the “Marpe” Integrative Medical Center.

Dr. Maimon’s research in integrative oncology and immunology has resulted in numerous pre-clinical and clinical trials, conducted in collaboration with renowned oncologists and biologists in leading medical centers and research institutes in Israel, the EU, and the US. These research projects have achieved excellent results, which have been published in prominent scientific medical journals and presented in UNESCO. Dr. Maimon is deeply committed to advancing cancer care and prevention, to disseminate the exceptional results of his research in oncology and immunology he founded Lifebiotic, a company that produces innovative formulas designed for the benefit of cancer patients.

He has developed a special insight into the diagnosis and treatment of various autoimmune disorders and cancer, stemming from a deep understanding of the application of natural and Chinese medicine.

In addition to his teaching and research work, Dr. Maimon remains an active clinician in integrative and Chinese medicine, treating numerous patients in both clinic and hospital settings. He is devoted to alleviating suffering and promoting healing.

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