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Terms of use for TCM.AC

Use of the website and its contents is subject to read the regulations. Read the entire policy thoroughly, since the use of the Services, the information or viewing the content displayed on the Site, and / or any action, constitute an agreement to all sections of the Policy. PLEASE READ THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS CAREFULLY, WHICH MAY BE CHANGED.

(No need for this section in English)
2. Website Content.
2.1 The website offers training and learning content, and allows to attend online classes on various subjects.
For what is written above, the website offers videos, lesson plans, trainings, presentations, texts, pictures and other information (Hereinafter, the “contents”).
2.2 The contents are offered for loan viewing, for personal and non-commercial use, limited at the time of the subscription purchased, and to the extent permitted by the fair use rules according to law.
2.3 For each content item offered to view, an information page containing the name of the content item is displayed in the website, a brief description of the content displayed, loan period and loan price. It should be clarified that the information about the content items is a concise description.
8.3 The purchases on the website are made using a credit card, or by Paypal account, or special vouchers that will be issued. A prerequisite for making a purchase is the approval of the credit card company (or Paypal) for the transaction and the collection. In order for the purchase to be carried out quickly and without errors, precise details must be provided, otherwise the order will not be guaranteed.
TCM.ACADEMY undertakes to provide content only for which the price has been fully paid.
9.3 Making a purchase on the website requires registration. During registration, the customer is required to enter his personal details such as: full name, address, email, phone, credit card number (Or PayPal account), ID number, etc. The customer does not have to enter these details if he does not want to, but the registration process is necessary to make purchases on the website.
10.3 After the registration process, the customer details will be stored on the site (except for credit card details and account debits), so that he can watch them over time, track his order status, and make changes and updates. Unless the user sign
Other, the registration process constitutes the user’s approval to be included in TCM ACADEMY’s customer list, and is approved to receive marketing emails about the website’s contents, promotions and improvements….
3.11 Cancellation of payment method, contrary to what is stated in these regulations, will not be in effect, and the subscriber undertakes to indemnify TCM.AC for any expense it incurs by him, including collection expenses and attorney fees.
3.13 Purchasing a subscription is done by receiving unique username and password for each subscriber, and the ability to view the contents of the site will be possible only when typing the correct username and password. The subscription is personal and non-transferable.
You may not transfer and / or convert and / or assign rights by virtue of the subscription, and permission to use the Subscriber’s details may not be granted to any other entity without the prior written approval of TCM ACADEMY.
3.16 TCM ACADEMY may cancel a transaction if a written mistake has occurred in the website regarding the description of the item and / or its price, or if it transpires that the transaction was accompanied by illegal activity or activity contrary to these regulations, by the buyer and / or by a third party.
3.17 TCM ACADEMY reserves the right to cancel and / or not to give any person the right to purchase a subscription and / or to make purchases on the website for illegal use of its services, violation of these regulations and / or for non-payment of content
3.18 The first invoice for the transaction will be sent to the buyer’s email address.
4. Termination of connection.
4.1 Subscription termination initiated by the customer – according to the Consumer Protection Act, 1981, If you wish to cancel the transaction not due to a defect in the product, you may cancel the transaction by a letter within 14 days from the date of making the transaction or from the date of receiving the document which attests to it, according to the latest.
The charge will be made only for the relative period in which the subscriber could be used. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there is no return or replacement of products that can be recorded, reproduced or duplicated.
The charge will be made only for the relative period in which the subscriber could be used. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there is no return or replacement of products that can be recorded, reproduced or duplicated. Viewing any content on the website for five minutes or more will be strong to use the website, and the record of TACM ACADEMY computers shall constitute conclusive evidence of this matte, unless the Customer proves and TCM ACADEMY confirms that the viewing of the Content Item is not possible at all (That is, after at least five attempts at different times) for reasons related to TCM ACADEMY only, and after the customer has warned in a letter to TCM ACADEMY and allowed it to fix the problem.
It is clarified that it is the responsibility of the subscriber to examine the nature and quality of the content prior to its engagement with TCM ACADEMY (through the free contents on the website), And no cancellation claim shall be heard for the nature and / or quality of the contents.
4.3 Termination of a subscription initiated by TCM ACADEMY. TCM ACADEMY may terminate or limit the services provided to the subscriber completely or temporarily, inter alia, in any case where the Subscriber did not pay on the date of payment that he owes or if TCM ACADEMY saw that there is a reasonable concern that the Subscriber will not be able to pay for the services; and / or in any case that the Subscriber has breached the terms of his engagement with it, including the provisions of these regulations.
4.4 Terms of cancelling a transaction – In case of purchasing a product on the website that cannot be recorded, reproduced or duplicated, the buyer on the website will be able to cancel the transaction in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, 1981. According to this law, if a buyer chooses to cancel the transaction not due to a defect in the product, he may cancel the transaction by a letter within 14 days of receiving the product. A condition for canceling the transaction is that the buyer will return the product to the company and that the product has not been damaged
And was not used. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there is no return or replacement of products that can be recorded, reproduced or duplicated. In case of canceling a product of a remote sale transaction, which was not done due to a defect in the product, incompatibility with its description, Non-timely delivery or breach of contract on its behalf, TCM ACADEMY may charge the customer a cancellation fee of up to 5% of the subscription price or 100 NIS, whichever is lower. In addition, the right to return or replace a product and / or service is subject to additional restrictions as stated in the Consumer Protection Law.
4.5 TCM ACADEMY May close the website or change its nature at any time and at its discretion, and shall do its best to inform the customers in advance thereof.
5. Intellectual Property.
5.1 Copyright, distribution rights, trade secrets, trademarks and any intellectual property of any kind, both with regard to the design and layout of the website, both about the content appearing therein and about the content sold on the website, as well as a dedicated player that enables viewing of contents, Are the sole property of Askoli and / or are in its possession through a lawful license.
The entry to the website or the purchase of any content in it, does not in fact grant any license and / or right to the content of the website and / or part of it and / or the site code and / or content. You may not copy and / or reproduce and / or distribute and / or publish and / or broadcast and / or publicize and / or make public and / or create derivative works, and / or assign and / in any part of the Website and / or the contents, directly or indirectly, including through connection to other receiving equipment (physical, wireless or other things), or in any other manner, without the prior written agreement of Askoli.
5.2 It should be clarified that the intellectual property of each content item does not necessarily belong to TCM ACADEMY but is sometimes subject to its commercial use by means of a lawful license. TCM ACADEMY considers the infringement of another’s proprietary rights to be severely damaging and any attempt to use the Site as a means of infringing or infringing on another’s proprietary rights shall be strictly prohibited.
7. Maintain customer information and data security.
7.1 Insofar as private information about the users is required, TCM ACADEMY will make its best efforts to maintain the discretion of the above information. TCM ACADEMY also undertakes not to make any use of the user’s details and / or to transfer them to any other party without his consent.
7.2 Purchasing by a credit card is secured by the SSL standard. TCM ACADEMY does not store the customer’s credit information after transferring it to the credit card company. However, when information and content is entered om the website, there is a fear of exposure of the user’s content for viewing and use by others on the network,TCM ACADEMY is not responsible for its security and / or for any damage and / or loss and / or ruin and / or expense incurred by the user and / or any third party as a result thereof.
7.3 TCM ACADEMY may use the user’s personal information for internal purposes only, statistical analysis (without personal identification) and for the purpose of investigating complaints and / or audits, including through a cookies or other information file. Each user can set their workstation properties to refuse all cookies or to alert you of cookies sent to it. However, please note that some sections of the website may not function properly if the user refuses to accept cookies or information files.
7.4 In addition to the above, TCM ACADEMY may record the IP addresses of the purchases made on the website, and if it encounters fraud or deception, it will immediately report it to the law authorities.
7.5 TCM ACADEMY shall not be considered a breach of any privacy obligation or violation of user privacy due to any information, as defined in the Computers Law 1995, which will be used to identify a user or to track him through another, resulting from the use of electronic means of communication in general and computer communications in particular.
7.6 TCM ACADEMY may send the user e-mail, contact him in a letter or verbally with any information regarding its services and the website’s services, advertisements from selected commercial bodies, etc., if the participant noted that he is interested in receiving this information by marking “V” in the check box designated for this purpose on the website.
7.7 For more details about privacy policy see below.
8. Customer Service.
8.1 For more details about the website, its mod operation, details about TCM ACADEMY services, or any other question, please contact the customer service of the website by phone: 03-7440888, fax 367777680 or by email: info@tcm.ac
TCM ACADEMY agents will be happy to assist you at any time of your visit during the working hours, in order to facilitate browsing the site and help with the purchase process.
9. Other
9.1 TCM ACADEMY may close the website and change from time to time its structure, appearance and the availability of the services and the contents provided therein, without the need for prior notice. Therefore, there shall be no claim, demand or demand against Askoli in this regard.
9.2 TCM ACADEMY’s computer records of the actions performed through the site will constitute prima facie evidence of the correctness of the actions. Unless the customer proves otherwise, any order of the contents according to the customer’s identifying details will be deemed to have been made by me the customer himself.
9.3 The sole and exclusive jurisdiction for any matter arising out of using the website is only in the competent courts in the Tel Aviv District, and the use of the website will be governed only by the laws of the State of Israel.
9.4 TCM ACADEM may update these policy at any time without notice.