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We believe in our medicine. We believe in continuing education. We believe in sharing the knowledge.

The reason we started with this exciting adventure is our wish to promote health in the world. By that I mean, us, practitioners around the world, who took into this journey to learn more about the human condition and to engage in alleviating suffering through ancient wisdom.

The TCM Academy was created and run by practitioners, and as we share the same goals and beliefs.

We believe that this medicine has a role to play in the life of people, supporting them in their healing and self-realizing journey.

We believe that, as therapists, it is crucial we continue learning and developing. We love new concepts, we rejoice in discovering new understanding and broadening our horizon, and we want to see our colleagues evolving and growing. Each one of us is valuable for our community and the whole Chinese Medicine community.

We believe that “Knowledge is meaningless if not shared”.

We like to present you with six courses (and there are many more) which cost you nothing and give you a lot. These courses will inspire you, broaden your horizon, introduce you to new concepts AND get you 10 CEUs towards your NCCAOM recertification.

Please see each course page for the Continuing Education by other associations (AACMA=7.5, TCM Fachverband=8, Florida=3 and more)

Start learning now.

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